What is Pop Block?

Pop Block is a service that allow users to have larger control on their content engagement and interests with tools to pop and block content keywords as they browse the web.

How does it work?

By installing our browser extension and creating a user account on our website, you can access the best of what Pop Block has to offer. Through the extension or the website, you can create a list of keywords to either pop or block, allowing for you to have a greater control with the engagement of web content.

Where did this begin?

The idea of Pop Block began much earlier, with the invention of Shaved Bieber by our very own Greg Leuch. Shaved Bieber was created in spring 2010 after only a few hours of hacking. Over 50,000 downloads, hundreds of death threats, and other variants of these blockers later, Greg has decided to turn blocking into a customizable experience for everyone.

Browser Extensions

Is the browser extension safe?

Our browser extensions are safe. It is our commitment to ensure your safety, so we frequently make updates and changes and use secure HTTPS to send & receive data. Our extensions do not contain malware, viruses, or other malicious data, so rest assured we want to make your browsing experience an enjoyable one.

What does the extension do?

The browser extension interacts through available methods provided by your web browser to monitor and alter the content of the web page you browse. In addition, the browser extension listens for your updates.

How do I install the extension? How much does it cost?

Installing the browser extensions are easy and free to use. For Google Chrome, visit the Chrome Web Store to add the extension. For Mozilla Firefox, visit the Mozilla Add-on Gallery to add the extension. For Apple Safari, follow these instructions for help installing the extension. Unfortunately, we are still working on our Microsoft Internet Explorer extension. [If you are a smart software engineer that can develop for Internet Explorer, we would love to talk!] Unfortunately, we do not support your browser.

What will the extension pop and block?

The browser extension will alter text and attempt to alter images and video content. While text content is easier to match, it is much harder to alter image and video content. You may notice some images and video slip through our keyword filters, however we are constantly making update to the extensions to improve the filtering process.

Will the extension work on my iPhone or Android phone?

No, but we are working on solutions to integrate with iOS and Android devices.

Does it block pop-up windows?

No, it does not block pop-up windows. Our focus is providing utility for contextual web media.

Keyword Lists

What is my list?

Your list contains keywords that you wish to pop or block as you browse the web. Simply begin typing what keyword you wish to alter and choose the suggested result or add it as a new keyword.

Are keywords case-sensitive?

No, keywords are not case-sensitive.

What will be altered?

The browser extension will attempt to pop or block the keywords in your list. There are, of course, some limitations.

Why are some keywords not matching or unrelated keywords being highlighted or blocked?

Keyword matching is very difficult in a large-scaled environment (the Internet). Many words may have different meanings, and some words may be more common that others. Proper names, titles, locations, events are less likely to have false matches. For example, Bieber will match Justin Bieber, however Bush will match George Bush as well as rose bush.

In addition, there may be instances of misspellings, nicknames, or abbreviations that may slip through the filter. For example, the hyphenation of a last name may cause problems, such as Joseph Gordon Levitt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Our system allows us to build out conditions for more unusual cases, and our team is adding and improving keyword results. However, we appreciate any suggestions for improved keyword matches. [And if you are a smart software engineer that knows how to improve our system, we would love to talk!]

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.